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Hillcrest Community Civic Association 20th Anniversary -- A Legacy of Inspired Civic Leadership

I originally created this piece as a PowerPoint presentation using images and records from the Hillcrest Historian, Gloria Logan. Mrs Logan is working on another record of Hillcrest and asked me about the original piece which was created and published in 2009. The PowerPoint presentation ran as attendees enjoyed lunch during the Anniversary Celebratory Luncheon. The video contains images of Hillcrest's leaders, city leaders and national leaders including, Eric Holder, Jessie Jackson, Tony Williams, Marion and Effy Barry, Alice Rivlin, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and many others. The Hillcrest Community is in Ward 7 in Washington DC, the Nation's Capitol.

Mayor Bowser hosts World AIDS Day Red Carnation Affair with special guest Raheem DaVaughn

Mayor Bowser hosted the World AIDS Day Red Carnation Affair at the Reeves Center today.  The Mayor, the Mayor's Office of Community Affairs Cluster and DC Health Officials addressed the well attended gathering.  Special Guess Raheem DeVaughn spoke about his efforts to combat AIDS the African American community through his foundation,

This Is What Democracy Looks Like - The Equality March for Unity and Pride

I am one of the local organizers for the Equality March.  I slept restlessly, the nigh before the March and awoke with an unsettled stomach.  I couldn't eat breakfast and knew it would be hours before I could have a meal.  Unease turned to elation when I got to McPherson Square, the rallying point for the start of the March.  Thousands of people were already there ready to march. AND MARCH WE DID!

Mayor Bowser Visits the Hillcrest Community Civic Association

Mayor Muriel Bowser attended the Hillcrest Community Civic Association's monthly meeting today where she updated the community on the budget, the audit, crime, safety, housing and schools among other topics.  The Hillcrest Community, not known for its shyness, took full advantage of the Mayor's presence to ask tough questions.  The Education Committee awarded Desmond Dinkens a $2,000 scholarship for his leadership and innovation at the School Without Walls and in the community.

Marion Barry Jr's 81st Birthday Celebration

A couple hundred people gathered at the John A. Wilson Building to celebrate the anniversary of Mr Barry's 81st birthday and to view early concepts of his monument on March 7th.  Dr Janette Hoston Harris, the City Historian, led the program.  

Mayor Muriel Bowser reminded everyone of the multitudes of Washingtonians that Marion Barry helped over his 50 years of service to our city.  She encouraged everyone to mark the day by enjoying a fond, funny, outrageous memory of Marion Barry.   Council chairman, Phil Mendelson, spoke about the consummate politician who was a very able ally or opponent depending on the issue at hand.  Ward 8 Councilmember, Trayon White, spoke to Mr Barry's ability to connect with all generations, stating that he, his son and grandmother had relationships with, and stories to tell about Mr. Barry.

Women's March on Washington - This is What Democracy Looks Like

The Women's March did what both major political parties failed to do in the past elections.  The Woman's March motivated and mobilized a huge, diverse, grassroots movement to, dare I say it, "Take America Back."   I was there at the main stage supporting my sister DC Mayor Muriel Bowser.   My Mayor, organizers and all the speakers delivered powerfully unifying messages while making it clear that no one intends to give up over 200 years of progress.

#Inauguration of the 45th President - I was there #FirstBroDC

I am a native Washingtonian and have attended parts of many Inaugurations.  Sometimes my guy won.  Sometimes my gal lost.  For the first time, I was able to view the ceremony from the grounds of the US Capitol.  I was able to view the unbroken chain of the transfer of the Office of the President of the United States first hand.  I felt that it was very important to be there to hear it, to see it and the feel it firsthand.  #NoFilter.  The processing of what transpired on January 20th is a journey that many Americans and people around the world  share with me.  

Marvin Bowser walks Pennsylvania Avenue

I walked Pennsylvania Avenue on the 18th on January two days before the Inauguration to see the preparations and to get a feel of the area.  I started in Freedom Plaza, directly across from the Wilson Building which is Washington DC's City Hall.  The Wilson Building sits between the White House and the Trump International Hotel.  I really didn't plan this video.  I just walked and said what was on my mind, on my heart.  Some of the things I said, surprised me.
Sam Ford of WJLA was a great sport and gave me a few words.  

Mayor Muriel Bowser Welcomes New Members of the 115th Congress

Mayor Muriel Bowser welcomed Freshman members of the 115th Congress to Washington DC today at a reception at the Cannon House Office Building.  The event marked the first time a Mayor of the District of Columbia has extended this courtesy to Congress.   The large room was packed with District residents, Congress members and staff.  The atmosphere in the room was jubilant. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R) California, opened the program.  Steny Hoyer (D) Maryland - House Minority Whip - came out swinging -  citing that no capital city in industrialized countries lacks voting representation in its parliament.  This is wrong.  He went on to say that the DMV region depends on the health and vitality of Washington DC.  The implication being that the City should be able to count on support from the surrounding jurisdictions.   The Mayor's approach to build support for voting rights and Statehood is taking root.

Rep Hoyer introduced the special guest: House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi (D) California.

2016 Annual Community Cornerstones Recognition Ceremony

At-Large Councilmember Anita Bonds' initiative to recognize the community organizers, leaders and volunteers who contribute to making our city the vibrant community it is.  In the Councilmember's words, "This annual event gives us all an opportunity to recognize those in the community.  Leaders, neighbors, friends, businesses, and organizations that have contributed and positively impacted the lives of the citizens of the District of Columbia.  Our father, Joseph Bowser, was recognized today for his 37 years of service on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC).