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Hillcrest Community Civic Association 20th Anniversary -- A Legacy of Inspired Civic Leadership

I originally created this piece as a PowerPoint presentation using images and records from the Hillcrest Historian, Gloria Logan. Mrs Logan is working on another record of Hillcrest and asked me about the original piece which was created and published in 2009. The PowerPoint presentation ran as attendees enjoyed lunch during the Anniversary Celebratory Luncheon. The video contains images of Hillcrest's leaders, city leaders and national leaders including, Eric Holder, Jessie Jackson, Tony Williams, Marion and Effy Barry, Alice Rivlin, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and many others. The Hillcrest Community is in Ward 7 in Washington DC, the Nation's Capitol.

Mayor Bowser Visits the Hillcrest Community Civic Association

Mayor Muriel Bowser attended the Hillcrest Community Civic Association's monthly meeting today where she updated the community on the budget, the audit, crime, safety, housing and schools among other topics.  The Hillcrest Community, not known for its shyness, took full advantage of the Mayor's presence to ask tough questions.  The Education Committee awarded Desmond Dinkens a $2,000 scholarship for his leadership and innovation at the School Without Walls and in the community.