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Davenport Diaries Cast Design Considerations

Davenport Diaries Cast Design Considerations

This page provides character outlines and design motivations for the Davenport Diaries Cast. Sizes for cast members are available upon request. Please complete the form below.

Donta Hensley, Amel Khalil, Kenyon L. O'Brien, Cristal Casellas and Eric Pizarro

Sinia Reid, Marvin Bowser and Deborah Berruete Furhman

Kenyon L. O’Brien - Jabril Anderson Davenport

  • He’s a CEO w/ a clean, suave style
  • Style inspiration - Morris Chestnut, Boris Kudjoe, Anthony Mackie.
  • Downtime Ted Baker Inspired. Fitted Polos, Slim Fit Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve Button Downs, Chinos Pants, Cardigans,  Loafers.

Sinia Ried - Katherine "Kat" Davenport 

  • Powerful and her style reflects that. High-end, luxury. Statement pieces.
  • Married to Barron Davenport
  • Style inspiration: Carrine Roitfeld

Deborah Furhrman - Tessa Jensen Davenport

  • Former model. Carefree personal style. Clean and not fussy. Statement rings.
  • Ex-wife of Barron Davenport
  • Style inspiration: Countess Luann de Lesseps

Marvin Bowser - Barron Davenport, Chairman of the Board

  • Power suits; monochromatic navy blue and grey
  • Casual - sport coats, khakis, polos, loafers
  • Style inspiration: Olivia Pope’s dad

Amel Khalil - Alloura Davenport-Hill, Junior Executive

  • Fresh, playful, bold color
  • Style inspiration: Gabrielle Union

Eric Pizzaro - Julian Maxwell - Junior Executive

  • Slim fit business suits
  • Hip casual attire
  • Style inspiration: Ed Westwick

Donta Hensley - Chadwick Davenport-Quinn, Junior Executive

  • Slim fit, tailored interchangeable pieces
  • Style inspiration: Laz Alonzo

Chevon - Chastity Davenport-Quinn, Junior Executive

  • Sleek, understated sexy, structured silhouettes
  • Style inspiration: Zendaya

Cristal Caselles - Chloe Richards - Intern

  • Young, pencil skirts, flowy tops. Lots of color.
  • Style inspiration: Victoria Justice

Travis Demitri - Jordan O’ Brien, Executive Assistant

  • Edgy, sleek, monochromatic
  • Style inspiration: Chris Brown
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