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Marvin Bowser plays REGGIE in  A HEART'S CRY

Marvin Bowser plays REGGIE in A HEART'S CRY

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I played the role of Reggie in Fulfillment Theatre Company’s production of A Heart’s Cry, a modern-language compilation of the Psalms, artistically woven together to create a dramatic retelling that will resound within your soul. This tremendous book holds the thoughts and feelings of the king, during some of the most victorious and devastating moments of his life. They are excruciatingly raw, real, poignant, empathetic, and profound! 


This production of A Heart's Cry is being presented as a staged play-reading, threading together some of the most compelling Psalms ever writ, in a palpable modern day plot.

I have been studying voice as part of my actors training and saw this staged reading as an opportunity really explore what I can do with my voice. Playwright/Director Chemeeka Joi Bradley’s vision for the staged reading included minimal blocking so the actors really had to connect to the sacred text and transport to audience to the time of King David and make them see, hear and feel his journey to walk with the Lord.

We had a great cast including 7 year old Chase Jewell whose beautiful prayer scene and big voice was an audience favorite.

Brittany Hill — JENET

London Drake — EVELYN

Terrance McRae — JIMMY

Marvin Bowser — REGGIE

Jossan Robinson — DENNIS

Alice Anna Schumacher — NARRATOR

Maya Sturdivant — ANDY

Chase Jewell — ANDY

The show was November 2nd 2018 at the Silver Spring Black Box Theater.

Demo Reels

Demo Reels