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LGBTQ Family Night at the Washington Auto Show — Gurl!

I caught up with William West Hopper, one of the event leaders, after the Washington Auto Show to talk about the LGBTQ Family Night, which occurred on 1 February 2018.

What’s the concept for the event?  When did it begin?

"LGBTQ Family Night was originally designed last year to be an opportunity for the LGBT community to come out to the Washington Auto Show, and feel as if they are a part of the overall Washington DC family.  This is especially important “since the political climate of the country was changing toward less inclusion.” “This year we added to our sponsors and attracted more attendees.” 

Classic car suprise

I was on business travel in rural Virginia in May.  After completing work for the day, we had to drive almost an hour to reach the closest chain hotel (really rural).  I was delighted to find these precious examples of American automotive excellence in the parking lot of the Kilmarnock Va Holiday Inn.  The local community was hosting a parade the next day.  Unfortunately we left the area early to get back to work.