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Marvin's Spicy Turkey Soup Recipes -- 2 Great Cold Remedies


I don’t tolerate cold medicines well at all.  They knock me out.  When I am awake, I’m so drowsy I can not function and feel horrible.

I’ve been making spicy soups to open up my sinuses and airways for as long as I can remember.  The steam from the broth and the aromatics from the garlic and spices do the trick.  

Please find below two quick and easy recipes for spicy soup.   

Martha's Vineyard Marvelous Seafood Feast with Marvin and Sheila - Intro

I joined culinary forces with Shiela Alexander-Reid during our Martha's Vineyard vacation to create two incredible meals for everyone in our house.  We tried Facebook Live for the first time too just for giggles.  We did curry chicken first; and then the Martha's Vineyard Marvelous Seafood Feast.

Inspired by island life and the abundance of fresh seafood, we set off to the local markets and developed the menu as we shopped.  The result was delicious, one of a kind, and can't be reproduced because we didn't use a recipe!  You just had to be there!