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Africa - Getting there!

Africa - Getting there!

Me and Mike began our two week international adventure on a Metro Bus.  Didn't see that coming did you?  The Metro 5A leaves L'Enfant Plaza and takes goes to Dulles, stopping only twice, for $7.  It drops you right at the curb, no parking fees, walking or shuttles at the airport. 

We took South African Airways for the 17 hour flight to Johannesburg South Africa, leaving at about 6:00 pm local time.  The SAA Airbus 340 stopped after 10 hours, traveling at nearly 40,000 ft and averaging 550 mph, in Accra Ghana to refuel and off/onboard passengers.  About half the passengers, deplaned in Ghana.  We were on the ground for about an hour before continuing to Jo'burg.  

On board entertainment, food and drink were excellent. SAA offered an extensive list of movies, including new releases, American TV shows, comedies and music.  I didn't sleep well on the first leg and dozed through Passengers and The Life of PI. Mike on the other hand was out cold for most of the trip.  I did sleep most of the second leg.  We had two full meals on the first leg and one meal on the second leg.  Each meal was accompanied by real metal flatware!  Soft drinks, wines and spirits were offered throughout the trip.

We arrived in Johannesburg around 5:30 pm local time and had to clear customs and catch our connecting flight to Maputo Mozambique.  We checked our bags all the through Maputo but we had to go through security again.  The security line snaked through the "Disneyland maze" and out across the terminal concourse.  Yikes!!!  But, it moved at a breakneck pace so we go through it with time to spare.  We took Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique or LAM for the short hop to Mozambique.  LAM provided a nice sandwich for passengers during the 50. minute hop.

We cleared customs and claimed out baggage with no issues in Maputo.  

Walking Tour of Maputo Mozambique

Walking Tour of Maputo Mozambique