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Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe

We left Maputo Mozambique early on April 16th via South African Airways flying to Johannesburg to catch our connecting flight to Victoria Falls Airport.  We started the next day, April 17th 2017, with a tour of Mosi-oa-Tunya which in Tokaleya Tonga means - "The Smoke That Thunders"  which is more widely known as - Victoria Falls.  o see VicFalls, you walk along the lip of the Victoria Falls Rainforest Reserve and stop at 16 overlooks along the way.  The path is nicely paved and marked and fairly flat.  It's also at the about the same elevation as the Zambezi River before the Falls.  Visitors see the Zambezi River plummet into the narrow gorge.  The massive volumes of water cascading into the narrow space creates powerful air currents that rise vertically carrying water, mist and vapor with it. The resulting plume can rise 1,300 ft and be seen up to 30 miles away.  The plume also creates a microclimate that sustains its own rainforest.   We took a guided tour but you can self-guide.  Our guide, Lucky was very knowledgeable about the Falls and an excellent ambassador for his country.  We put on rain gear before entering the park but we got drenched anyway.  No rain.  Just mist.  

Macaneta Beach, Mozambique - Incredible

We drove north out of town to head to Macaneta a beach area on the Indian Ocean.  We got to see a lot of folks out doing what folks do along the way.  A herd of cows got to check us out too.  You have to have a real 4 wheel drive vehicle to get to the beach so we had to park and walk for about 20 minutes to be picked up by a car.  Well, we thought it was going to be a car.   The green ATV was our ride - 3 big guys and two little dogs and our gear.   I couldn't figure out why the 4x4's were required the roads really didn't look that bad.  Well, closer to the beach the "roads" are just sand, deep, loose sand.  The ATV is actually ideal for such conditions.

Walking Tour of Maputo Mozambique

We took a walking tour of downtown Maputo on our first full day in town, April 13th, 2017.  Our guide, Sheldon, is from the area and uses the tours to earn money and practice English.   He's very knowledgable about the history of the city and the country.  He's also proud of his heritage which is always great to see in young people.  

Africa - Getting there!

Me and Mike began our two week international adventure on a Metro Bus.  Didn't see that coming did you?  The Metro 5A leaves L'Enfant Plaza and takes goes to Dulles, stopping only twice, for $7.  It drops you right at the curb, no parking fees, walking or shuttles at the airport. 

We took South African Airways for the 17 hour flight to Johannesburg South Africa, leaving at about 6:00 pm local time.  The SAA Airbus 340 stopped after 10 hours, traveling at nearly 40,000 ft and averaging 550 mph, in Accra Ghana to refuel and off/onboard passengers.  About half the passengers, deplaned in Ghana.  We were on the ground for about an hour before continuing to Jo'burg.